16 // TALE (A. B. C.) – Renate Mihatsch & Alex B. Conner

Hey you, are you hungry?
Why do you ask?
I know a really nice place with fantastic food – the kind of food that explodes on your tongue. A friend of mine calls it ‚orgasmic‘. I always have to think of her whenever I eat amazing food. She has a unique character. Anyway, do you want to join me? Would be nice to have company!
You know, food makes you come alive in two ways. For sure literally–it keeps you alive–, but what’s even more important: you also feel alive because such a complex system of senses is activated. Often it is just the idea of food and the beauty in its colors, forms and arrangement that makes you feel; the actual taste is secondary then. Sometimes eating even destroys what was there before.
Let’s go and see what will happen today: explosion or void.

What’s your name?
So far my name is Alex – Alexandra B. Conner, to be correct. But you know, I think about changing it. I am bored of it.


Eine Erzählung aus drei Teilen: Foto, Dialog, Text
Erinnerung – Vergessen – Alltag – Zufall – Banalität – Identität

Renate Mihatsch
Alex B. Conner


Eröffnung: Montag, 12. August 2013, 19:30 Uhr
Ausstellungsdauer: 12. August – 4. Oktober 2013


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